Tempus Edax Rerum

Every anime and manga is a different world. Watching/Reading it is akin to delving into this world and escaping from reality. Leaving this wonderful world is excruciatingly hard, and when you finally return to reality, what awaits you is the cruel reality. If one of these worlds achieve an ending, happy or not, you can re-watch/re-read it in an attempt to experience it again. But it will no longer bring the same joy as before. The only solution is to simply find another, and repeat the cycle.

I meaninglessly live my days and before I knew it, my childhood ended. Times have changed and people grow up. Preferences have changed along with the flow of time. Anime’s which I would have watched several years ago I no longer find entertaining. I guess this is part of growing up?

As I am burdened by responsibilities in life, I can no longer feel the same enjoyment whilst I watch anime. Knowing the cruel reality that awaits after this brief moment of respite, is incredibly sad and makes me feel incredibly guilty. I am envious of those children and youngsters, ignorant of the cruel reality and responsibilities that await them in the future. Luckily, some of them will remain forever ignorant and can live in perpetual bliss. After all, humans only truly care about what makes them comfortable, not the truth.

I advise any who read this passage, to enjoy their time while they are still ignorant, for “Ignorance is Bliss”.
Tempus edax rerum.
(Time, devourer of all things)

Tu fui, ego eris.
(What you are, I was; What I am, you will be.)

No God,
No Buddha,
No Angels.